Seasonality clock


On the site, food seasons are indicated using a 'Seasonality Clock' in which the 12 hours of the clock are replaced by the 12 months of the year. The clock hand shows where we are now. Solid coloured circles correspond to the prime or peak season for that food. Hollow circles represent typical transition periods at the start and end of the season - you may well be able to buy the food but quality and availability are likely to be variable. The food is out of season for the periods of the clock where there are blank spaces.

The example on the left is the seasonality clock for peaches:

Climatic variations mean that food seasons can be shorter, longer, earlier or later than indicated - use this site as a rough guide or prompt, then go and sniff out what's available.

To view the foods typically in season at different times of the year, click on the month names on the right.

If you are looking for information on seasonal food in the USA or Canada, please visit our sister site.